About my private exhibition `Domestic☆Brain' 






Japan is an island country and Japanese has been closed culturally. The defeat of World War II tore Japanese culture into pieces and the western culture eroded like a surging wave in the gaps. After that, Japanese were attracted by western countries as a utopia, and not only girls’ comic reflects that admiration but also became an emotional prop for many girls. 


In such situation, as a result that the images of western countries were gradually romanticized and twisted in Japanese, the image has formed the concept "Foreign countries are admirable" in a part of new Japanese culture. Moreover, Japanese animism that Mr.Shigeru Mizuki and Mr.Yoshiharu Tsuge drew is Japan inherent closed culture still alive in Japan. Their spiritual world shows some kinds of horror and disquieting but also reminds westernized Japanese what Japanese are.


Because the painter Ms. "Yuri Yoshida" loves these two cultures very much, she takes them into herself, reconstructs them as her domestic fevered imagination and makes a picture in a surreal, erotic and sometimes grotesque manner. However time goes by, the instinct as Japanese (i.e. the cultural value what we taste good, what we feel Eros to, what we feel awful and so on) has been inherited, because that has been accumulated longer time. This means that we still keep the essentials of Japanese now even if our superficial looking changes. Because she mainly focuses on it, her paints show the traditional Japanese culture.


Her originality is that she intends to use traditional western painting techniques and classical motif for crossing the two beginnings, when she represents Japanese animism and myths. This method gives strange reality that reminds various historical and/or periodical senses to her works. 






Yuri Yoshida



Born in Kanazawa Ishikawa prefecture 



Graduate in Department of Arts and Crafts, Oil peinting course in Kanazawa Gakuin University







Art Works

Private exhibitions


2012 2011


(Memento Mori)/Gallery Rumpa Rumpa,Isikawa

[Mucous Membrane] /  SYSTEMA GALLERY,  Osaka




20Rooms Art /  Hotel Holy Himalaya,  Nepal



Group exhibitions













BANK ART FAIR / SYSTEMA gallery, Shangrl-la hotel,HK,China

KIAF ART FAIR / SYSTEMA gallery, COEX Souel, Korea

Plus ULTRA / buse name DAI KINUKAWA -Rumpa Rumpa, Spairal Aoyama, Tokyo 

HENTAI / SYSTEMA gallery, Osaka


Art Kyoto 2012/ SYSTEMA gallery, Hotel Montere Kyoto, Kyoto

Doors Art Fair in Seoul / Inperiaru Pares Hotel , Seoul

Contemporary art selected exhibition /  SYSTEMA gallery, Osaka


U40 Japan- Hong Kong Exhibition /  SYSTEMA Gallery,  Osaka


Vol.7 Sekai-do Exhibition /  Shinjuku Head Office of Sekaido , Tokyo


Open exhibition of Nepal gallery /  SYSTEMA gallery, Osaka


Vol.8 U35500 Artist tenancy article sale EXHIBITION /  Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse,  Kanagawa




Graduation production exhibition /  Ishikawa Prefectural Museum Of Art,  Ishikawa


2010 ASAGO BIENNALE /  ASAGO municipal museum of art, Hyogo


















Award history


Prize for excellence / Vol. 28 FUKUI Thumbhole Exhibition , Fukui